Thrifty Iceland Rental Car Extras

Thrifty Car Rental Iceland offers many Car Rental Extras for your convenience during your trip. The following are available at all our 5 locations.

Extras available: 

- GPS navigation system: Need help navigating through Iceland? Rent a quality GPS navigation system to make your traveling easier.

WiFi options: Care to share news or photos of your travels with your friends or family? We offer WiFi with unlimited data at a very reasonable price. We offer two options: 
         - Mobile Wifi : A portable WiFi connection usable outside of the rental car, at your hotel or at a natural wonder. UNLIMITED DATA.
         - In Car Wifi: WiFI connection stationary in your rental car. UNLIMITED DATA.

- Child seats/Boosters: Keep your young once safe during your travel. We offer three different types for different ages and weights. From infant seats to boosters which meet all safety regulations.

-Sim-Card for your phone: Stay connected for less money by purchasing a local sim-card when you pick up your car.

- Additional driver: Are you afraid of getting sleepy during your long travel or simply want to share the load? We offer you an additional driver driver for a low price. Then you can take turns driving and enjoyed your travel around Iceland to the fullest.

Young Drivers/Lessees: Drivers of age 19-20 years old are allowed to rent and/or drive a rental vehicle for a small fee. 

Prices of all extras are displayed during the booking process.

Please also look at our various insurance options to find the option best suited for your needs during your travel here in Iceland.

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