Pricelist for additional services

Protection packages

Protection package Car size

Price per day [EUR]

Excess [ISK]

Deposit [ISK]
Premium Protection package Small cars 45 0 0
Grand Protection package Small cars 20 50.000 150.000
Super Protection package Small cars 14 80.000 150.000
Collission Protection package Small cars Optional - free of charge 400.000 150.000
Premium Protection package Large cars 65 0 0
Grand Protection package Large cars 28 70.000 150.000
Super Protection package Large cars 18 110.000 150.000
Collission Protection package Large cars Optional - free of charge 600.000 150.000

Deposit can only be a avoided by purchasing the Premium Protection package. Deposit amount is held for 30 days and is automatically released after that time.

Additional protections

The below protections only provide coverage for the specific damage each protection covers. By purchasing the below protection options it does not affect the deposit amount.

Protection Car size Price per day [EUR] Excess [ISK]
Windshield protection Small cars 9 30.000
Sand and Ash protection Small cars 20 140.000
Windshield protection Large cars 11 40.000
Sand and Ash protection Large cars 28 200.000
River Ford crossing protection Large cars 65 500.000

Administration fees and other charges

Fines/Charges/Fees Amount [ISK]
Fine for smoking in car 50.000
Extra cleaning charge 50.000
Fuel cost per liter for missing fuel According to daily rate at Olis
Fuel filling administration fee 3.500
Administration fee for parking tickets 2.000 (per ticket)
Administration fee for traffic violations 2.000 (per request)
Administration fee for postal services of lost and found 6.000

Emergency assistance

If a renter is responsible for immobilizing a vehicle and Thrifty needs to assist the renter an emergency assistance fee applies.

Emergency assistance fee 400 ISK/KM
Emergency assistance starter fee 25.000 ISK


If the car rental agency/renter has to use a 3rd party to rescue or fetch the vehicle the emergency assistance fee will be according the rescuers party's pricelist which the renter should familiarize himself/herself with.

Drop off fee - Returning the rental car in another location

Locations Fee [EUR]
Keflavik International airport - Reykjavik office 30 
Reykjavik office - Akureyri office 120
Keflavík International airport - Akureyri office 150
Drop off fee - Car not returned at rental office 150
Reykjavik office - Reykjavik Domestic airport 0
Akureyri office - Akureyri Domestic airport 0


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