Additional charges

Administration fees and other charges

Make sure you know our administration fees and other charges which you can easily avoid if you follow the terms and conditions of the rental contract. Read carefully. It is of great importance that you make sure to pay for parking, follow speed limits and make sure to fill up the car before you return it. This can save you money.


Fines/Charges/FeesAmount [ISK]
Extra cleaning charge50.000
Fine for smoking in car50.000
Fuel cost per liter for missing fuelAccording to daily rate at Olis
Fuel filling administration fee3.500
Administration fee for parking tickets2.000 (per ticket)
Administration fee for traffic violations2.000 (per request)
Administration fee for postal services of lost and found6.000

Emergency assistance

If a renter is responsible for immobilizing a vehicle and Thrifty needs to assist the renter an emergency assistance fee applies according to the following:

Emergency assistance fee400 ISK/KM
Emergency assistance starter fee25.000 ISK

If the car rental agency/renter has to use a 3rd party to rescue or fetch the vehicle the emergency assistance fee will be according to the rescuing party's pricelist which the renter should familiarize himself/herself with. Thrifty Iceland will always charge the emergency starting fee of 25.000 ISK.

Out of hours fee - Picking up outside of opening hours

See our opening hours.

Out of hours fee150 EUR