Car rental actions following COVID-19

Following COVID-19 we have increased cleaning in our facilities and cleaning of the rental cars. All our rental cars are cleaned with disinfectant between all rentals and we carefully clean all contact surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear shift, screens in the dashboard and handles.

Our booking process is electronic. You simply choose your pickup and drop off dates, where you want to pick up and return and then choose a car suitable for your needs. You can fill in all your information and prepay online.

The rental contract process is electronic and generally signed on tablets in our office. We wipe the tablets with disinfectant between each customer. However our electronic signature process allows us to send the customers their rental contract electronically and they can sign it on their phone or computer before they come to the office. That way you only need to show your credit card and drivers license (contactless) and receive the keys. That way we can expedite the delivery process and you can get on your way in no time.

To request to sign your contract electronically before pick up please call us through our number +354 515 7110 and have your drivers license and credit card ready. The contract will then be sent to you through email. Please make sure that your contact information is correct before the call and verify it through our contact information website.

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