Your Guide to Renting an Electric Car in Iceland

Welcome to the ultimate guide for renting electric cars in Iceland with Thrifty Car Rental! In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover all aspects of renting an electric car in Iceland, providing you with valuable information and answering all the important questions you may have. Discover the beauty of Iceland while contributing to sustainable travel with our eco-friendly electric vehicles.

Why Choose an Electric Car?

The Benefits of Renting an Electric Car in Iceland

  • Electric cars offer numerous advantages when exploring Iceland's breathtaking landscapes. Here are some compelling reasons to choose an electric car:
  • Environmentally Friendly Travel: By opting for an electric car, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions and minimizing your environmental impact. Iceland's commitment to renewable energy makes it an ideal destination for eco-conscious travelers.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Electric cars are more energy-efficient than their gasoline counterparts, resulting in significant cost savings on fuel. In addition, Iceland offers various incentives, such as cheap charging and reduced taxes, making electric car travel even more affordable.
  • Enhanced Driving Experience: Electric cars provide smooth and quiet rides, enhancing your overall driving experience. You'll enjoy instant torque, seamless acceleration, and the absence of engine noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Iceland's natural beauty.

Ford Mustang Mach-e driving.Ford Mustang Mach-e driving.

Electric car's charging port.Electric car's charging port.

Polestar 2 charging.Polestar 2 charging.

Ford Mustang Mach-e charging.Ford Mustang Mach-e charging.

Iceland's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Charging Stations in Iceland

  • Iceland boasts an extensive electric vehicle charging network, ensuring convenient access to charging stations throughout the country. Here's what you need to know:
  • Map of Charging Stations: We recommend utilizing online maps or mobile apps such as eONE (app) and PlugShare (app & website) that display the locations of charging stations. This enables you to plan your itinerary and ensure a smooth charging experience during your trip.
  • Charging Station Accessibility and Availability: Charging stations are strategically placed along popular routes, including major cities, towns, and tourist attractions. While availability is generally good, it's advisable to plan for charging stops in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

Thrifty Car Rental's Electric Car Selection

  • Booking an Electric Car with Thrifty Car Rental: To reserve an electric car, visit our website or contact our customer service team. We recommend booking in advance, especially during peak travel periods, to secure the electric car model of your choice.
  • Vehicle Specifications and Features: Our electric cars are equipped with the latest technology and safety features, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Each vehicle provides ample range, allowing you to explore Iceland's wonders with ease.

Ford Mustang Mach-eFord Mustang Mach-e

Polestar 2Polestar 2

Prepare yourself for the Icelandic road trip.Prepare yourself for the Icelandic road trip.

Happy family hiking in Iceland.Happy family hiking in Iceland.

Planning Your Electric Car Trip

Best Routes and Destinations for Electric Car Exploration

Iceland offers a multitude of scenic routes and must-visit destinations perfectly suited for electric car travel. Consider the following when planning your trip:

  • Charging Stops and Recommendations: Plan your itinerary to include charging stops at convenient intervals. Utilize charging stations at hotels, tourist attractions, and restaurants to optimize your travel time and ensure a stress-free journey.
  • Traveling Beyond Major Cities and Towns: Iceland's natural wonders lies beyond major cities and town. Plan to explore the Golden Circle, South Coast, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and other remote regions, where charging stations are strategically placed to accommodate electric car travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (Electric Rental Cars)

Thrifty Car Rental offers electric cars with varying ranges, typically between 200 and 300 kilometers. The range may vary based on driving conditions and vehicle usage.

Iceland's charging infrastructure includes public charging stations, hotel charging facilities, and fast-charging options. Use charging station maps and apps to locate nearby stations for convenient recharging.

Thrifty Car Rental includes charging costs within the rental fee, eliminating additional expenses related to fuel. However, it's essential to return the vehicle with the same charge level as received to avoid any penalties.

Thrifty Car Rental provides roadside assistance for any emergency or breakdown situations. Contact our customer support team immediately to receive prompt assistance.

Electric rental cars in Iceland are not allowed on F-roads (highland roads).

No, a regular driver's license is sufficient to rent and drive an electric car in Iceland.

Drivers must be at least 21 years old.

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Fees related to Electric Rental CarsOur cars

Electric rental car returned under 70% battery charge22.000 ISK
Damaged/lost charging cable65.000 ISK

Tips for an Enjoyable Electric Car Experience

  • Preparing for Your Trip: Charging and Navigation Apps. Download charging and navigation apps specific to Iceland to optimize your electric car experience. These apps provide real-time information on charging stations, driving routes, and helpful tips for electric car travel.
  • Maximizing Range and Efficiency: To maximize the range of your electric car, avoid excessive speeding, drive efficiently, and utilize regenerative braking whenever possible. Additionally, make use of eco-mode features and minimize energy-consuming activities while parked.
  • Responsible Car Charging and Usage: Be considerate when using charging stations, ensuring timely removal of your vehicle once charging is complete. Respect charging etiquette and avoid fully charging the car if you only require a partial charge, allowing others to utilize the station efficiently.

Electric vehicles spacious boot.Electric vehicles spacious boot.

Our electric rental cars have the latest technologies.Our electric rental cars have the latest technologies.


Start Your Electric Car Adventure in Iceland with Thrifty Car Rental

Embark on an unforgettable and sustainable journey through Iceland by renting an electric car with Thrifty Car Rental. Experience the beauty of Iceland's landscapes while contributing to a greener future. Book your electric car today and enjoy the convenience, cost savings, and excitement of eco-friendly travel in Iceland.