Parking fees

You are responsible for paying for parking during your trip in Iceland. Payment method can be different between locations. We have gathered the most common here below for your convenience.

Downtown Reykjavik

In most cases you pay for parking downtown in parking meters.

The following places use where you pay for parking online.

  • Skaftafell - South Iceland
  • Þingvellir National Park - South West Iceland

This is how you pay:

  • Go to
  • Select area
  • Insert license plate number (it's on the key chain)
  • Choose vehicle category
  • Choose length of stay
  • Insert credit card information
  • Pay

Akureyri (North Iceland)

In Akureyri there are no parking meters. Parking spaces are simply marked by how long you can park there each time. You go to a gas station and ask for a parking clock. Once you park you simply set the clock to the time you parked.

What if I don't pay for parking and get a parking ticket?

Unpaid parking fees will be charged to your credit card along with an administration fee.