Sand and ash storms

Sand and ash storms are something that people do not expect when coming to Iceland. In reality they are pretty common and can cause severe damage to vehicles driving around Iceland. Even while driving on road 1. In dry and windy weather, the risk of Sand and ash storms increases drastically but they can still happen any time in any weather.

Sand and ash storms can damage the paint, glass, lights and numerous other parts of the car. The renter is liable to pay for the repair unless buying special insurance: Premium Protection Package(PCDW) Please note that the Sand and ash protection is also included in the Premium protection package. Make sure you are covered because the average damage cost is between 5.000 – 17.000 EUR.

In windy weather we recommend staying away from areas known for risk of sandstorms. If you see a storm ahead, stop, find a safe place for the car and wait for the storm to pass. We recommend that renters monitor the weather each day.