Iceland car rental insurance

There are so many nice things to see in Iceland that Iceland car rental is needed to travel around the island to make the most of your trip. We strongly recommend additional insurance for everyone as the driving conditions are very different compared to your own country.

Gravel roads, F-roads, rivers, one way bridges, sheeps crossing roads, the contantly changing weather and strong winds can damage the vehicles. Special care is needed when driving in areas where wind can blow sand and ash at the vehicle and caus serious damages.

Thrifty Iceland Car Rental offers several options of additional insurance coverage to our basic inclusive CDW insurance in our effort to make your travel in Iceland more safe.

Firstly we recommend our Super CDW insurance which lowers your self-risk (your liability) for damage of the rental car. Secondly we recomend for longer trips mainly on gravel roads our unique Grand CDW which both lowers your self-risk for a damage and offers more extensive coverage. Theft protection (TP) is included in our basic CDW. The latest offer is our Sand And Ash Protection (SAAP) which we strongly recommend due to high risk of sand and ash damage to the vehicles during heavy winds.

Our insurance offers are designed by experienced people who have deep knowledge of the risks of driving in Iceland. The cost of additional insurance is low and offers you good protection. Insurance rates are displayed during booking process.

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