Iceland car rental Super CDW

Thrifty Iceland Car Rental SUPER CDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver):  Reduces the lessee’s/driver’s liability even further than CDW. The liability amount and the price of the insurance is displayed during the booking process as it depends on the class and type of the rental vehicle. This is an optional upgrade of the CDW.

The amount deductible in the event of claim is €350 for 2x4 passanger cars and €550 for 4x4, minivans and vans. Thrifty Iceland offers also Grand CDW which offers even more protection.

For further details about SUPER CDW insurance click Thrifty Iceland Car Rental Terms and Conditions.

For even more information go to Thrifty general information page and Thrifty frequently asked questions page (FAQ). If you need even more information we are happy to assist so please contact us by mail or phone.

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