Myvatn. Lake Myvatn

If you enjoyed visiting The Blue Lagoon, a trip to Myvatn (Mývatn) twin lagoon, dubbed by locals “The Green Lagoon,” is not to be missed. One of Iceland´s spectacual waterfall is situated in the area, Goðafoss, plunging volumes of water over the edge. Iceland’s most bizarre lava rock cliffs are located in the area and don´t forget lake Myvatn. In short Iceland’s variety of nature at it’s best.

Iceland is different so it is important for you to see as much as possible during your stay. Take the opportunity to enjoy our unique nature and spectacular scenery and meet the creative people of Iceland. Search now for the perfect passenger car, 4x4 jeep or a 9 seat minibus at the best possible online rate for a sightseeing self-drive.

Population: Population in Reykjahlíð in 2010 was 173.

Museums & Galleries:

  • Bird Museum Sigurgeir - Ytri Neslönd, 660 Mývatn

Interesting Sites:

  • Dimmuborgir - Mývatn Area
  • Goðafoss - 50 km from Akureyri in the Mývatn Area
  • Lake Mývatn - 100 km east of Akureyri.
  • Höfði promontory - Mývatn area, Ring road (route 1).
  • Jarðhólar Mývatns Nature baths - 660 Mývatn.


  • Hotel Mývatn - Skútustaðir, 660 Mývatn.
  • Vogar - Vogum, 660 Mývatn.
  • Fjalladýrð - Guesthouse Möðrudalur, 660 Mývatn.
  • The Old Farm (country tavern) - 660 Mývatn.
  • Guesthouse Vogafjós (Voga Barn) - 660 Mývatn.
  • Hotel Reynihlíð - 660 Mývatn.


  • Hlíð Travel Service - Hraunbrún, 660 Mývatn.
  • Guesthouse Grímsstaðir - Grímsstaðir á Fjöllum, 660 Mývatn.
  • Lúdent Guesthouse - Birkihrauni 5-7, 660 Mývatn.
  • Hótel Reynihlíð - Mývatnssveit, 660 Mývatn.
  • Hótel Gígur (KEA Hotels) - Skútustaðir, 660 Mývatn.
  • Dimmuborgir Guesthouse - Geiteyjarströnd, 660 Mývatn.

Dimmuborgir is an unusual area of lava rock cliffs. It is a place that holds many surprises, such as fantastic lava cages and a towering lava rock. It has many spectacular formations, the “church” being by far the most famous one. This part of the country offers a spectacular landscape in its most varying form, such as the green baths were travellers can enjoy a warm baths. A nature reserve is to be found in the middle of this fragile beauty surrounding the area. One of the areas many natural treasures is the Goðafoss waterfall which is one of the country’s most spectacular waterfalls. Another spectacular waterfall is Dettifoss which has Europe’s greatest volume of waterfall of 500 cubic meters of water plunging over the edge. If you want to explore the nature and experience the landscape even further north Grímsey island is situated north of the country and is accessible from Dalvík and Akureyri. Grímsey is situated on the Arctic Circle and hence the most northern part of Iceland, being the home of one of the biggest puffin colonies in the country. For the more adventurous mountain Herðubreið offers a challenge. It’s often called the “queen of Icelandic mountain”, and is 1682 meters high and accessible by a hiking trail.

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