From Siglufjörður the countries two most beautiful islands are within reach. Drangey islands rises almost 200 meters above the ocean and holds a nesting spot for almost million of sea birds. Grímsey is the most northern part of the country which gets crossed by the northern polar circle creating a brightness and light, barely recognisable as being part of this world.

Population: In 2010 the population was 1,214 people.

Museums and Galleries:

  • The Icelandic Herring Era Museum - Snorragata 15, 580 Siglufjörður.
  • Folk Music Centre - Norðurgata 1, 580 Siglufjörður.

Interesting Sites:

  • Tröllaskagi peninsula - lies between Skagafjörður and Eyjaförður, road 76.
  • Héðinsfjörður Fjord - on the Tröllaskagi peninsula, road nr 76.
  • Drangey Island - on Skagafjörður Bay, road nr. 744. Boats tour from Sauðárkrókur and Fagranes.


  • Allinn sport bar - Þormóðsgata 13, 580 Siglufjörður.
  • Bio Café - Aðalgata 30, 580 Siglufjörður.
  • Torgið - Aðalgata 32, 580 Siglufjörður.


  • Hostelling International - Aðalgata 10, 580 Siglufjörður.
  • Tröllaskagi - Lækjargata 10, 580 Siglufjörður.


This town got notorious in the 1940s and 1950s but in those years the “herring adventure” as it has ever since been called was at its heights and during the fishing season the town’s population tripled in size. But then the fish went and these years have ever since been remembered with for some great regret. A museum was erected as a tribute to those golden days in the town’s history. Today its major source of income is fishing industry.

Drangey Island lies in Skagafjörður bay and rises almost 200 meters above the ocean. The birdlife on the cliff holds a nesting spot for almost million sea birds. This magnificent island is accessible from both Fagranes and Sauðárkrókur.

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